McManaway's Studio


david h. gibson

David McManaway's Studio 

David McManawayís exhibit at the Frances Chandler Gallery in 1964 was my first introduction to Davidís work. An old weathered Coca Cola case contained bags stuffed with something. It was an amazing encounter. The unexpected use of this old coke case to frame objects of mystery made an indelible impression. 

Subsequently we met and my interest in Davidís work expanded. Our friendship grew and I began to collect his art. In visits to his studio the arrangements of objects encountered were poignant, unexpected, and brilliant. By my next visit the relationships would have changed and new objects would be placed among the old. These ephemeral, quixotic events of placement appear in one form then disappear into other places and spaces. Davidís studio is dynamic, titillating, and provocative.

When a tree falls in the forest we are not likely to be there to hear and see the event. Davidís studio is like the forest, the ongoing placement of visual events continues but the possibility of seeing and appreciating this creative effort is lost. In 1993 I began to photograph in the studio, selecting relationships that interested me. Between photographic sessions Davidís energy is obviously concentrated in different areas of the studio. It is exciting to discover those special centers of energy and see the continuing relationships as they evolve.

                                                                                                             David H. Gibson

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