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DAVID H. GIBSON, Photographs

Although many museums and galleries have subscribed to the "New Topographics" promise of finding a more prescient reality located within the frequently mundane, human-inscribed contemporary world, he (Gibson) remains committed to Ansel Adams' mid-century vision of moral uplift found within the poetic beauty of often uninhabited, light-struck spaces. One might call Gibson stubborn, old fashioned, and out of date. However, his remarkable talent at translating the world's natural beauty into elegant, finely printed photographs helps remind us of what the photographic community has lost in its subscription to post-modernist visual irony.

From an article in the January/February 1999 issue of View Camera magazine titled "Retro-Vision: David Gibson’s Continuing Commitment to the Beauty of the Land in Black and White", written by Dr. John B. Rohrbach, associate curator of photographs at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas

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